Godspower Eze .

I like to see myself as an individual who wants to leave a mark in the sands of time. And, I intentionally try to channel this energy into everything I do.

I am a Software Engineer and Content Creator with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and I am currently working in DeFi( Decentralized Finance).

I am very much interested in Blockchain Technology. I am also interested in Mathematics, Zero-knowledge Proofs, System design, Design patterns, and Clean code.

I founded blockchaintotheworld.com to teach blockchain technology because I believe education is a way to drive the adoption of any new technology.

I am a Nigerian, currently based in Nigeria.


Aside work, I write about life, currently learning to play the guitar and in general trying to make life not just about my work because why not?

Below you should find a list of most things I have put out on the internet.