Money is not everything. Yes, the same cliche thing rich people say.


The first paragraph doesn’t really define exactly what this piece is all about but It’s just one of my beliefs. I am not rich(yet) by the way.


In the year 2021, I made more than 15x of what I made in 2020. Don’t overthink it; I was literally broke in 2020 so it’s not as much as you are probably thinking. But, I made money.


At the beginning of 2021, I nonchalantly set a goal to multiply my income. So, it was more of a wish than a goal. But, I did multiply my income more than I could have imagined.


Here’s what I noticed: the more I did the more money I made. From coding to content creation to networking and growing my online presence. It’s quite intuitive that doing more work should make you more money.


But, it also makes a lot of sense to set goals on improving a cause than on the effect. If you know that giving more value in your industry increases your income then why not set goals of giving more value?


Am I saying you shouldn’t set income goals? No. This is just me going extreme coupled with the fact that I don’t really see money the way our society(especially the younger ones like myself) sees it but that’s a topic for another day.


In 2022, I am giving more value. Making more impact. Making a dent in the universe. I said what I said.




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