Lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking and asking a lot of questions among which is “what do I really want?”. I also found myself asking questions like “Am I happy?”, “Do I need love?”, “Am I lonely?” and so on. But, I have only found the answer to the first question and that’s what I am about to share with you. Putting this in more context, the question is “what do I really want in my career?”.


In the space of one year, a lot has happened in my life that has reshaped the way I see life and my career as a whole; I have met great people, worked with them and also left a mark that I am sure won’t fade away in a hurry.


But, looking back 2–3 years back, I have always envisioned a life whereby I would be able to “do my own stuff”. I guess I was a bit naive in my interpretations about doing my own stuff at the time. I used to say stuff like “I don’t want to work for anybody”, “I want to be an entrepreneur” and stuff like that. Are these things still valid now? Yes; absolutely, but I am wiser and I know better now.


So, what do I really want?


In simple terms, “I want to be able to build stuff and write without money having to be the motivation”. Do you understand? Like, I want to be able to solve the problems around me by building stuff(mostly things that run on a computer) and sharing my voice through writing/speaking.


About the money part, don’t get me wrong. Money is important and also note that successful builders are not poor. But, most times in trying to solve problems, money is needed but not available so instead of making the money, you end up spending it. So, how does something that is reducing in quantity in an uncertain situation be your motivation? In fact, while trying to solve a problem, money is leverage, not the goal because most builders know that if they are able to solve those problems then money(a lot of it) is just one of the many rewards.


So, why exactly am I writing this? I want to be able to look back at this and smile because I have been able to achieve this fit.


But, until then we continue to fight “Sapa”, lol. A good man(Antisocial Extrovert) once said something and I quote:


Make enough money to fund your hobbies


And, that’s what I would do.


Be safe. Peace


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