2022 has been a hell of a ride for me. 


Speaking to an old friend today made me realize how ungrateful I am. Or, maybe I am just forgetful. Either way, for a year that outdid its predecessor all-around, I would be an ingrate to not show gratitude to myself and the almighty.


I believe that life doesn’t get easier as we overcome challenges. Rather, we advance to a new level with more advanced challenges. This explains why we fail to take note of our wins because it’s most times one where we sustained injuries to win. 


That’s 2022 for me in a nutshell. I won. I lost. I cried. I laughed. I was afraid a few times. But, mostly, I was optimistic as hell. 


A highlight of my year was when I quit my job without a backup plan. I was constantly afraid of going down to nothing but somehow that didn’t happen. I have always been an optimistic person but this year I was irrationally optimistic.  I followed most things with undeserving patience. I gave myself more grace. Even when all odds were against me I still found a way self-regulate and encourage my self to mental stability. Funny enough, I don’t still have a job..lol.


I am proud of me and I am thankful to God.


2022 was not easier than 2021 but it was better. 


In 2022, I advanced in level and I believe that’s more than enough to take on 2023. LFG!!