“Everyone is an optimist in other people’s situations. At least, the good people. But, when we face challenges it’s quite harder to exert the same level of optimism on ourselves.”

I know this based on personal experiences.

You see, I am privileged to have experienced a lot at my age and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. At age 20, I have seen and done good and bad in its many forms and they all make up the man I am today. I don’t regret my mistakes because if I had not made them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

The definition of good and bad is subjective btw so don’t overthink it.

I just started another journey in my life; completed my university education and as always, I am optimistic and scared. On one hand, it seems like I have a plan but on the other hand, my plan doesn’t look like a plan.

The memories of my past win give me the courage to trust my gut and do it scared anyway because why not?

I write this with the hope that my future self will look at this in retrospect and be happy.

I write this to you as a reminder of hope.

Trust your guts. You are probably on the right path.

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