Yes, you.


You see I have been a beneficiary of getting opportunities through my network so I know what a recommendation feels like.


First off, a referral is not a recommendation. A referral is “I know someone that can do X”. Recommendation is “I know someone who can do X and I trust him”. A recommendation is “I have worked with him before and I know him. I know the kind of people he is. I am giving my word, he will deliver”.


So, I ask again; can I recommend you?


This is a very important question because a recommendation must be earned. Like, when I recommend you, I am putting my reputation at stake. I am saying that after hiring you or working with you and anything goes wrong, the person should hold me responsible because I gave him my word. That’s it.


In reality, most people won’t come back to you lamenting after someone you recommend messes up because it was all based on choice but your reputation has diminished in the eyes of that individual and he would most likely not take your next recommendation seriously; that’s if they give another chance to recommend. Also, I know messing up is subjective but I mean literal messing up. What everyone sees as a mess up.


You might say, it is not that deep but it is; actually. Most times you don’t get to interpret these things, rather you just act them out. Like, why would say you “I know someone that does X” for a particular person, then say “I trust him and I know what he is capable of” for another person. It’s all based on how you perceive the person.


The funny thing is you don’t have to work with someone or become friends with someone before you start perceiving them in some kind of way. Just an act can tell people who you really are.


As you ponder over these words always remember this:


Always leave a good mark where ever you find yourself and people would recommend you.


In a world where most people are trying to be woke based on some new ideologies, the good ones are cherished. When I say "being good", I mean: being respectful, being honest, being kind and all those good morals that we were taught as kids. The basic sense of human decency. Those things are gold.


Read this article. It would give insight into what recommendation really entails.




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